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Your website is clearly one of the most important platforms for your brand. That's why we make sure it meets all your expectations and then some. Whether you need a static website to solely represent your company or a large-scale online store, our web developers provide you with a website that straddles the border between style and functionality.

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We make sure your website is lightning fast in order not to lose visitors with low patience, well-structured to rank high on search engines like Google, and analyzes the behavior of your users to convert more visitors into warm leads and customers.


By host your website with us you get a faster and more secure website. We are responsible for all service, updates and daily backups so that you feel safe.

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iMarketing has a personal and committed attitude towards us as a customer. They are responsive to our wishes and needs in everything to do with marketing, advertising and website.

iMarketing har ett personligt och engagerat bemötande gentemot oss som kund. De är lyhörda för våra önskningar och behov i allt som har med marknadsföring, annonsering och hemsida att göra.
Katja Lillhage
Katja Lillhage
iMarketing gjorde min hemsida och jag kände vid första samtalet att de förstod min idé. Jag blev jätte nöjd med hemsidan och upplevde att jag fick fin och snabb service under hela uppbyggnaden av hemsidan. Kan varmt rekommendera iMarketing!
Alexander Stävensjö
Alexander Stävensjö
Snabba, kreativa och duktiga utvecklare som hjälpte oss ta fram en ny hemsida. Rekommenderar starkt!
Dorothea Paul
Dorothea Paul
Vi är mycket nöjda med vår nya hemsida och samarbetet med Marketing AB. Särskild med att John Hagö lyssnade av och omsatte våra önskemål så perfekt. Rekommenderas varmt. Dorothea & Stig / cestlavie.nu
Pia Ivarsson
Pia Ivarsson
Hej Rekommenderar IMG media med ❤️Hade problem med min hemsida tidigare som nu är trygg. Tack för hjälpen. Jag syns mycket bättre nu, än tidigare ,på vanliga annonssidor. Det bästa var deras uppmärksamhet på min önskan med min hemsida. Stort Tack Pia/Gunillafrisörerna
Alexander Rasch
Alexander Rasch
Tack för all hjälp med våra landningssidor ❤ ökade verkligen våran försäljning
Ludvig Listring
Ludvig Listring
Super! Väldigt nöjd.

Front-end, back-end and hosting.

Front-end development: We provide custom front-end development services that include building user interfaces and designing user experiences. Our developers are experts in HTML, CSS, SASS, SCSS, PyScript & JavaScript, as well as popular frameworks like Angular, React, Next.js and Vue.js.

Back-end development: We also create the server side of applications and integrate it with the front-end. We specialize in using Node.js, React, Js and Python with frameworks like Django, Flask, Web2Py & FastAPI. We use many more frameworks that will satisfy your specific needs. As well as popular databases such as MongoDB, PostgreSQL, MariaDB and MySQL.

• Our hosting service provides a secure and reliable environment for your data. We offer advanced backup and recovery solutions, as well as 24/7 technical support, to ensure your data is safe and always available. Contact us today to learn more about our comprehensive Full-Stack development solutions.

Questions and answers about web development

What is Front-End Development?

Frontend is what a user sees on a website. It is the design, functions, responsiveness for mobile, ipad and desktop.

What is Back-End Development?

Back-End includes the work that takes place for all functions such as forms, payment solutions, login, chat, and identification via BankID.

What is a Database?

A database is where information such as User, Email, Password, Address, Payment receipt, Ip-Geo etc. is saved. By continuously keeping the database up-to-date and secure, you don't have to worry about something going wrong.

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