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Social Media

Combine data with creativity for a winning strategy

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Data-driven marketing

As bidding on social platforms becomes increasingly automated, we work to provide the algorithms with the best possible data.

We use your first-party data to create audience segments and infuse sales data to optimize against the metrics that really make a difference.

Creativity at the center

Getting the creative part of the strategy right will determine your impact and differentiate your business from the competition. We make sure it's right from the start.

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Get the job done.
By professionals.

As a platform partner with extensive experience in increasing our customers' growth, your social media advertising is in safe hands.

We are experts in:
  • Facebook
  • Instagram
  • TikTok
  • Youtube
  • LinkedIn

Our results

By testing different combinations of target groups, images, videos, and offers, we make sure to quickly come up with a winning concept, which we then increase the budget on to maximize your ROI.

Ready to switch up your advertising?

We make it easy to bring in more customers


That's why it works so well

Thanks to people on Facebook, Instagram, and other social media sharing so much of their preferences and behavior patterns as they navigate, like, comment, and engage in various ways, Facebook (which also owns Instagram) knows which of its millions of users in every single country who are absolutely most likely to want to buy your product at any given time.

How Instagram differs from Facebook

Today, Instagram is a service that millions of Swedes use every day. The age group among users is primarily younger than that on Facebook, between 16 – 34, although all groups are represented. If you have a product that suits this age group, Instagram is one of the best channels to advertise on.

Instagram gives you the opportunity to reach out to the right people and simplify their buying journey to your products or services. iMarketing helps you go from zero advertising on Instagram to a well-optimized, high-converting and awesome buying journey for your customers.

Read more about how we do our initial analysis here!

Questions about Facebook advertising

How does it happen?

When we bring in a new client and start Facebook and/or Instagram advertising, we always start with a thorough current situation analysis. Next, we have a model that we have worked on over the years that we use to produce the right type of ads for the right target group, depending on which stage of our funnel they are in. These are divided into cold, warm, and hot target groups . We have copywriters and designers who produce the right material, and then we let our fantastic media buyer take care of continuously optimizing the campaigns, the target groups, and the ads inside Ads Manager.

How does ads manager work?

IN Ads Manager can you divide the entire marketing strategy into different campaigns, ad sets, and advertisements. Here it is important that you have a clear structure right from the start as the idea is to continuously build on with more campaigns, ad sets, and advertisements.

For example, you can have a summer campaign which you then divide into several ad sets which target different target groups. In one you let Facebook decide entirely who will see the ad, in others you choose interests based on the interests of previous customers, and in the third you may have a hypothesis that single girls between 22-31 in a certain city will shop mostly because they like exactly what you sell.

Then in each ad set you can break it down further so that you have several ads in each. If we take the example of girls aged 22-31 and where you sell supplements, maybe one is interested because their goal is to gain weight, another wants to lose weight, and the third wants to feel more balanced and be more active during the day. Then these people, who are in the same target group, still need to see different advertisements that appeal to them, until they decide to buy from you.

How are you doing with your campaigns?

We work based on a model we have built up over the years, which helps us gradually produce the best advertisements for your future customers. By working structured from the start, and letting the test period give us data, we take your advertising on Facebook as far as possible.


  • discusses with you to develop clear goals with each campaign.
  • puts together the campaign based on it analysis done and the goals set. Then we start designing ads that convey your message to stakeholders, engage them, and convert them into customers. Everything based on a carefully planned customer journey with both designers and copywriters.
  • handles all ongoing maintenance and optimization to constantly ensure that you get as much as possible out of your budget.

Do you want to try how real professionals create magical results via Facebook and Instagram? Get in touch with us at iMarketing!

How should I manage iOS 14?

It's a question we've been getting a lot lately and you can read more about how we handle it here.

What results can I expect?

Average roas is at 3-400%. This means that for every kroner you invest in Facebook advertising, you get SEK 3-4 back. Our goal is to achieve a ROAS of 800% within three months.

Instagram shopping

Time to set up an Instagram shop?

If you know how to do it, you can get it done in a day, otherwise it can often take several weeks as problems in the form of connections between Facebook, Instagram, and the webshop can arise.

When everything is in place, however, it's easy. Then just start uploading and tagging your products (you can have up to 5 products tagged in one image).

You need to have a company profile and a connection to Facebook for Instagram Shopping to be possible. Then you need to organize a product catalog on Facebook (read about how you do it here).

A requirement for it to work is that your business page on Facebook must not have age or country restrictions. you will also find a step-by-step process that is very practical Instagram's own page.

Questions about Instagram shopping

What is instagram shopping?

It is a feature that makes it easy for users to shop directly through Instagram. As a business owner, it means that you can easily tag products in different images and offer a significantly more enjoyable and smoother shopping experience.

How many products can I tag in a picture with instagram shopping?

You can tag up to 20 products per carousel, and 5 products per image.

What is required to start with Instagram shopping?

You need the latest update to the Instagram app, a business profile, and a link to your Facebook directory. To save time and get the most out of Instagram Shopping, you are absolutely right to consult us more about the details.