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About the Project

We tackled the challenge by conducting a thorough market research to better understand the market and the underlying problem. It didn't take long before we realized that the problem with car dealerships for consumers lies in the buying process itself. Consumers simply wanted it to be smoother, easier and less stressful. In order to create an easier, more interactive and service-oriented experience for the customer, we created a brand new website in wordpress.

Then we chose to use personal ads on social media where potential customers had to fill in forms, and then everything was handled online. Whether customers wanted to sell or buy cars, they could get quotes / car viewings directly on their mobile. We also built a brand new website to give the company a more modern impression. ROI on the first campaign was 900 % and now we continue to work with both Fikratsson Bil and their other company Becko Bil.

The challenge

Like many car dealers in today's situation, Fikratsson Bil faced the challenge of digitizing their company and reaching the right target groups with the right offer. They had spent large sums on social media marketing without much success.


Fikratsson Car

Project type

Web development