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“We use AI and automation to improve our clients' marketing results and drive innovation. We do this because we believe in the power of marketing to shape the world.”

Our team of experts work closely with you as a client to find ways to streamline your marketing efforts and achieve better results through the use of cutting-edge technology.

Whether you are a small start-up or a large corporation, we have the skills and resources to help you take your marketing to the next level.

Everyone can make a difference 

Everyone can make a difference 

Everyone can make a difference 

Everyone can make a difference 

Everyone can make a difference 

Everyone can make a difference 

Meet us!

We are a comprehensive team within web and marketing. Our strength is to quickly arrive at what suits you best through experiment-driven development.

"We are very satisfied with our new website and the collaboration with Marketing AB. John Hagö listened and implemented our wishes so perfectly."

CEO, Founder

Erik Cullhed

Erik's passion is developing businesses through the strategic use of IT and marketing.

With a solid education in economics and information systems, he helps companies move forward, regardless of whether they are startups, mid-life companies, or stagnant giants.

COO, Founder

John Hagö

John, with his military background and solid training in financial analysis and IT systems, never shoots from the hip.

Regardless of the situation, he delivers razor-sharp analyzes and proposals, to the customer and business.

John takes care of organizational tasks, finance, analyzing companies, recruitment, sales and project management

CMO, Partner

Philip Åkerbäck

Philip is a senior performance marketer who will make the profitability of your account improve immediately!
Jonathan Sandqvist - Web developer
Web development

Jonathan Sandqvist

As Lead Developer for Development and Security, Jonathan is looking for an opportunity to make a significant contribution. Over five years of experience in all areas of web development, programming, graphic design, marketing and cyber security.

Jonathan is a skilled problem solver and can think of innovative solutions to any challenge. He also has extensive experience leading cross-functional teams of varying skill sets to complete projects on time and on budget.

Bring ideas to life with code and beauty!

Anna Svensson-imarketing
Meeting booking

Anna Svensson


Create it top the solution, without exception.

Our customers must be sure that they receive the highest possible quality, in all situations.


Always deliver over expectation to our customers.

We set reasonable expectations and always deliver good results.


Develop to inspire people.

We work to inspire a simple digital future.