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Your website is one of the most important platforms for your brand. That's why we make sure it meets all your expectations and more. Whether you need a static website to represent your company or a large-scale online store, we develop a website in the borderland between style and functionality.

All you need.

And a little bit more.

Our team of experienced developers has a wonderful mix of talent and experience. Together, we have been through most of it and continuously develop all types of web projects: websites, landing pages, e-commerce and major platforms. So whatever you dream of, there's a good chance we can make it come true.
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Big projects. Smaller tasks. You choose.

Our offer is as flexible as it is broad. This means that we are your partner both through larger projects that require more time and expertise, but also that we are always available to deliver smaller to medium-sized tasks largely on-demand, always with lightning-fast deliveries.

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iMarketing har ett personligt och engagerat bemötande gentemot oss som kund. De är lyhörda för våra önskningar och behov i allt som har med marknadsföring, annonsering och hemsida att göra.
Katja Lillhage
Katja Lillhage
iMarketing gjorde min hemsida och jag kände vid första samtalet att de förstod min idé. Jag blev jätte nöjd med hemsidan och upplevde att jag fick fin och snabb service under hela uppbyggnaden av hemsidan. Kan varmt rekommendera iMarketing!
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Alexander Stävensjö
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Dorothea Paul
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Pia Ivarsson
Hej Rekommenderar IMG media med ❤️Hade problem med min hemsida tidigare som nu är trygg. Tack för hjälpen. Jag syns mycket bättre nu, än tidigare ,på vanliga annonssidor. Det bästa var deras uppmärksamhet på min önskan med min hemsida. Stort Tack Pia/Gunillafrisörerna
Alexander Rasch
Alexander Rasch
Tack för all hjälp med våra landningssidor ❤ ökade verkligen våran försäljning
Ludvig Listring
Ludvig Listring
Super! Väldigt nöjd.

Things to consider when creating your website

Identify your primary users

This may seem obvious, but you'd be surprised how many website projects are completed without a proper one analysis by the users. To create a website that meets the needs of your most important audiences, you must first dig into who these people are and why they come to your website.

It is also very possible that your company has several primary user groups, in which case it is important to distinguish them in the analysis and see how they differentiate themselves.

Enhance your visual brand

When was the last time your company reviewed its logo, color scheme, and use of fonts? How do you communicate with the outside world? What impression do you give? What do you want to convey? All these questions must be answered with the help of your new website. And in order for it to be able to do that, the designer first of all needs to know the answers.

A clearly structured website that correctly reflects what your company stands for will strengthen your brand identity properly. This, in turn, makes you easier to remember, which further leads to more customers falling in place in the long run.

Prioritize mobile use above all else

This shouldn't be news to the vast majority of people. Today, the majority of all internet surfing is done via mobile phones and your website therefore has no choice but to be adapted for mobile use.

Google has also announced that they will no longer display websites that are not responsive and mobile-optimized. Read more about it HERE.

Build your website structured and scalable

Never make the mistake of building a website that only meets your current needs. This will mean that you have to spend an unnecessary amount of time in the long run or, in the worst case, have to redo the whole spectacle.

It is not only good for being able to build on your website continuously, but also because it gives a large increase of SEO.

Make it easy for your visitors to get in touch

Make sure to get answers to the following questions:

How do I want my customers to be able to reach me? (Email, phone, online chat, etc.)

What hours do I want to be available for my customers?

Who will receive communications from customers?

Can we supplement with artificial intelligence or chatbots?

Always consider your communication needs before building a website and check with your web development company to determine which options are right for you.

Add references and social proof

Social media is an important aspect of your branding and by integrating social media into your website content you can increase your brand loyalty and give your visitors additional reasons to read more about you.

It's a perfect way to take advantage of both employees' and customers' contact networks, and by just adding sharing buttons to your website, you can get more exposure for your brand. It also makes the page feel more alive as the content is continuously updated.


  • Include photos or logos of your certifications to highlight how qualified you are.
  • Incorporate links to company social media where possible.
  • Include photos and links to social profiles, influencers, etc. who use your product or support your brand.
  • Include a blog page on your website where you link to articles and published content that mention your brand.