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About the project

Bitrefill is a pioneering Swedish company that brings cryptocurrencies to the public. With a platform where you as a customer can use your cryptocurrencies to buy gift cards, charge your cell phone or pay for your next Airbnb, Bitrefill is growing fast with the potential to change the way we do business. iMarketing is proud to partner with Bitrefill and looks forward to continuing to help them reach new heights in marketing.

The challenge

Bitrefill ran into problems getting its ads and promotions approved on Facebook due to the sensitive and highly regulated nature of cryptocurrency. Facebook's algorithms repeatedly blocked their ads, negatively impacting their sales and marketing potential.


After working closely with Bitrefill and Facebook, we at iMarketing navigated the complex rules surrounding cryptocurrency advertising and finally got Bitrefill's ads and campaigns approved with a guarantee from Facebook that future ads will also go through. By resuming advertising on Facebook, Bitrefill has seen a significant increase in sales and increased visibility for its brand and now we look forward to advancing further on the platform. We are incredibly happy to have progressed in this project and look forward to a long-term collaboration where together we can achieve even greater success.



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