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About the project

Recab.com is a provider of high-quality technical solutions for demanding embedded systems, serving various industries such as defense, transportation and communication. As a well-established company, we are grateful that they have chosen iMarketing as their provider for their comprehensive website, which has over 200 subpages.

The challenge

The challenge in this project was to coordinate and manage a large-scale project with many moving variables. Recab's extensive range of products and services, along with the various industries they serve, required a well-structured and user-friendly website to ensure easy navigation and access to information for their customers.


We tackled the challenge by working closely with Recab to develop a website that is both visually appealing and highly functional. Through an intuitive user interface and efficient organization of the extensive content, we have created a website that showcases Recab's vast expertise and product offering while providing a seamless user experience. As a result, Recab has seen increased customer engagement and overall satisfaction with their online presence. iMarketing is proud to have contributed to Recab's continued success and looks forward to continuing to assist with the technical development of the website in the future as well.



Project type

Web development