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About the project

Skramla.se is an emerging player in the loan brokerage market. They ensure that consumers can compare offers from ten banks with just a simple credit check.

The challenge

The main challenge in this project was to create an advanced multi-step form that can generate different results based on user input. In addition, the form needed to be integrated with a CRM system through an API to efficiently manage and store collected data.


By working closely with the person in charge at Skramla.se, we developed and implemented a sophisticated multi-step form that meets the project's requirements. The form's seamless integration with the CRM system has streamlined Skramla.se's data management process and improved the overall user experience on the website. As a result, Skramla has seen increased user engagement leading to more successful loan comparisons and conversions. iMarketing is proud to have contributed to Skramla.se's growth and looks forward to further improving their digital marketing strategies in the future.



Project type

Web development