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About the Project

The gym, which targets an older audience by combining physical therapy with gym training, needed help adapting to the new digital world.

With a brand new website, payment solutions for gym cards, and online booking, they can now sell gym cards online and offer patients to book an appointment with a physiotherapist directly via the website, they have made it easier for many more people to take part in their fantastic training facility. In this partnership, the ads we did through Facebook campaigns generated great results and more revenue than any of their previous marketing.

As in most cases when collaborations go as well as this, they continue and stretch further and further. We are currently working on a new project for Frigatten where we are doing a thorough analysis of all parts of the company to highlight possible improvement opportunities. These are based on interviews of both employees and customers in order to gain as deep an understanding as possible before we begin to develop the right solution. We will return with new results on a fantastically exciting project shortly!

The results

  • Number of new customers: 10
  • Average lifetime value: 10,000
  • ROI = (100,000 – 15,000) / 10,000 = 8.5 = 850 %
  • Increased brand awareness


The Frigate Upstairs

Project type

Web development