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About the Project

Igor Sapega also known as "The deaf chef" has credentials from some of the most prestigious restaurants around the world. Sous chef at two different Michelin restaurants, the first in Stockholm (Frantzén) and now in London (The Ritz).

As in the case of many of the world's chefs, the pandemic in 2020 hit Igor Sapega hard. He was well on his way to starting the next step in his career and joining the most well-known chefs in London when he instead received the news that his current workplace, The Ritz London restaurant, would close down.

Instead of giving up, Igor chose to pursue his dreams as an entrepreneur and launch his own e-commerce. With a simple website created in WIX and his large number of followers on social media, he made good contact with several customers very quickly. However, he noticed that the development stagnated relatively quickly and instead of a continuous growth of visitors and customers, he saw a slowdown and reduced results.

Our joint history began with a simple contract regarding advertising for his new set of Damascus knives “Seijaku Fusion Series” but quickly turned into a more in-depth collaboration on several fronts of the business. After an analysis of the company's webshop and comparisons with competitors, we came up with some measures we believed would make the page more structured, easier to navigate for users, and convert more visitors into customers. We came up with a new design and started driving traffic using paid ads on both Facebook and Google. In order to then make sure that we really make good contact with interested people, we also set up an email sequence that ensured that those who were interested but for some reason did not complete their purchase, were reminded and possibly received added value in the form of recipes and tips on food they can cook at home. The hypothesis was that it would have more impact because it came from a Michelin chef.

Together, we have now ensured that his knives reached customers on three different continents. We have also prepared for the launch of his new cookbook "The Geometry Cookbook" which will happen sometime before the summer of 2021 as well as many other exciting projects that Igor has!

The challenge

  • Webshop design
  • Increase traffic to the site
  • Increase the conversion rate of visitors


  • New structure & design of the webshop
  • Increase in traffic to the page by 500 % in three months
  • Increase in total sales by 183 % in 4 months
  • A more well-established brand with a large number of satisfied customers


Sapega Group Ltd

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