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About the project

SunnySales is a telemarketing office based in Cyprus, focused on the Swedish market. Our TikTok team quickly realized that their target audience could be found on TikTok and thus immediately began the production of suitable content for the platform. This content was published with great success, resulting in over 200,000 views and several hundred applications in just 2 months. The average cost per application ended up being SEK 7!

We look forward to a long-term cooperation with SunnySales!

The challenge

The primary challenge was to deliver applications to the telemarketing office in Cyprus of high quality at a low cost. With the relatively high staff turnover in the telemarketing industry compared to other industries, there was a great need to constantly bring in new hungry salespeople.


By identifying the most effective platform for SunnySale's target audience and creating engaging content tailored for TikTok, we successfully created videos that met with great engagement. With over 200,000 views and an average cost per application of SEK 7, our marketing efforts have proven to be incredibly cost-effective. SunnySales has gained increased brand awareness, a growing pool of talented talent looking for jobs, and above all, a more reliable strategy for continuously bringing in new staff. iMarketing is proud to have contributed to SunnySale's growth and looks forward to continuing to support their digital marketing efforts in the future.



Project type

Marketing TikTok