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About the project

Cygrids is a family-owned IT company founded in 1997 and run by father and son. We stumbled across Cygrids in the fall of 2022 and have been helping them with digital appointment booking ever since.

The challenge

Creating dialogues with potential customers and getting meetings often meant long lead times and customer education for the customers to understand the high value of their services at all. Through our semi-automatic appointment booking service based on email and LinkedIn, we quickly came up with a winning concept.


In our 3 month trial period alone, by A/B testing different approaches, we had managed to find the winner and delivered more than 30 meetings between Cygrids representative and potential customers. Our approach was based on automatic mailings that did not focus on sales but instead as a scanner to see where the need was. By briefly introducing the company together with an offer and via email and LinkedIn directly reaching the decision makers who are in their target group, we directly got shorter lead times and reduced advertising costs. Cygrids has experienced a positive impact on its business as a whole, with a large increase in leads and customer satisfaction. iMarketing is proud to have contributed to Cygrid's growth and looks forward to continuing to support their digital marketing efforts in the future.



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