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About the Project

This project consisted of developing a website that functions as a private person's digital party planner with the function of quickly and easily finding party venues in the area you wish to organize a party. The problem the platform would solve for private individuals is the difficulties it entails today in finding the right venue for the right type of event by connecting those who have premises to rent with those who are looking for a venue that suits their particular tastes.

The challenge

The customer wanted to develop a booking page for events with a 3-step function for the customer, which consists of: Find a venue, choose additional services (Cleaning, catering, etc.), and then have the opportunity to tell more about their event and the number of people who will come.

The customer also wanted the premises lessors to be able to enter objects themselves through a login function.

Furthermore, the customer wanted a modern and responsive website with a unique design and high performance. The website would, just as many start-up companies are in great need of today, rank high on Google, which requires a lot of work with SEO.

Last but not least, we would integrate clear as a payment method.


We at iMarketing developed a completely new platform created in wordpress where all parts of the requirements specification were included and compiled in an efficient way. Based on the basic analysis of the target groups, we came up with a design that we then bounced back and forth until we found the right one. For a successful web design that should not only inform but also attract both parts of the parties that will interact, high demands were placed on service delivery, creativity, and target group knowledge. An important focus was to design the platform in a way that both makes it easy for private individuals looking for a premises, while also making it easy for premises lessors to register an account to be able to publish their own premises.

As it is not a well-known domain, a lot of work was also required on the keyword optimization to ensure that both parties actually find the platform via relevant searches on Google. This is something many business owners miss, but it is the most important part of getting the most out of their investment.


Grand event

Project type

Web development