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Tiktok is the next step in the evolution of social media for businesses. Social apps have tried to copy Tiktok's key elements, not surprising given that its unique algorithm differs from them. The app uses machine learning to display relevant content on the For You page tailored to each individual user. TikTok continues to grow and in September 2021 Tiktok reached 1 billion users, and thus estimates 1 billion users per month!


TikTok wants to encourage small businesses by educating how to use the platform with “Small Business” to grow and reach a larger audience. The platform sees value in showing how small businesses can, by using TikTok clips, turn so-called "small profits" into big successes for small and medium-sized businesses.


TikTok Business Account has smart features designed for businesses, with clickable features and data analysis, businesses can improve and optimize their content. In this way, you get a clearer and more valuable marketing strategy. In minutes, brands can create ads with TikTok Ads Manager with the smart features that do the work for you.


Tiktok's rapid progress has meant that they are now one of the most popular social media platforms and there are great marketing opportunities for entrepreneurs and creators. It is true that the younger user spends more on the platform than the older one today, but you can see the same trend repeating itself on the already established social media, where the younger audience eventually transitions to the older one. If you as an entrepreneur want to be at the forefront, it can be a valuable strategy to start marketing your company on TikTok already today.


“More than 1 billion people around the world now come to TikTok every month to be entertained while learning, laughing or discovering something new. We're honored to be a home to our incredibly diverse community of families, small businesses, and creators who transform into our favorite stars. ” – Tiktok