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About the Project

Our solution to Eaubottle was to compress much of the content that was on the page to increase speed. We removed a lot of unnecessary material and made sure the whole page had a more high-quality and unified feel.

Then we needed to ensure that the website also received traffic, to see whether the bounce rate, conversion rate, sales etc. increased. We did that with the help of our effective marketing model and quickly got traffic to the website. Bounce rate decreased to 30 % and conversion rate increased significantly. So far, sales have increased by 300 % and we continue to work together to spread this fantastic company's values, message, and concrete ways to help both those in need of water, and those who want to keep their clean water cold.

The challenge

Eaubottle needed a significantly faster webshop with more empathy to reduce the bounce rate (of approx. 70%) that they experienced before. They also needed to increase conversion rates through a generally better user experience.



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