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Copywriting 1 – Advertising text (not Headlines)

Whether it's B2B or B2C, whether it's on Facebook/Instagram, LinkedIn, Google, or in any other situation, you need to use copy that is compelling and speaks to the audience.

Audience attributes

Age  young people (37 or younger) do not speak the same language as older people (38 or older). Young people are raised online in a way that older people are not, and therefore have a different way of expressing themselves, and are more used to memes.

Profession – economists in management do not speak the same language as data/IT civil engineers. Salespeople don't speak the same language as cleaners. Doctors and pharmacists do not speak the same language as construction workers.

Knowledge level - also if two people are the same age and have the same profession, it is not certain that their level of knowledge is equivalent.

Private individuals or professionals - do you target people in the capacity of their job, or as individuals?

Different target groups have different focuses, and it is important to clearly define who you are speaking to, and why you are targeting that particular target group. How do they speak? What needs do they have? Why do they have these needs? How do we meet their needs and requirements?

Example - basic attribute

Hardware Sales - Graphics Card (GPU)

If the target group is companies working on AI development, the example below is relevant and the data does not need to be explained; the people in the target group still understand what is meant. Hard data is relevant, when buying for specific performance with specific uses in mind. Select the data most relevant to the target audience (for example, by interviewing professionals), and focus on it.

Ad text:

Peak Half Precision (FP16) Performance: 7.07 TFLOPs

Peak Single Precision Matrix (FP32) Performance: 3.5 TFLOPs

If the target group is instead 'gamers' (people who play computer games) as private individuals, the above examples are irrelevant, and many will not even understand what is meant or why it would be relevant. Then it is better to choose completely different other properties and formulations. The target group is also generally younger than 37.

In the example below, you can see that there are specific references to a highly current game, and the language is adapted to how the target group speaks. FPS drops are also called "lagg"/"lag", so an alternative wording would have been "without it lagging on max settings". For a person who is not part of the target group, the example is mostly fluff, but for the defined target group, the information is relevant and concise.

Ad text:

With 10GB GDDR6X memory and 1905 MHz processor, you can run Elden Ring and all other games without FPS drops at max settings.

Although the two target groups (AI developers and gamers) overlap to a large extent, and there are also people with a more pronounced hardware interest, it is better to focus on the wider group if the goal is to sell as many graphics cards as possible just for gaming.

Cleaning services

If the target group is companies in the legal or financial sector (or private individuals with large assets), the requirements are high that the cleaners do not commit crimes and do not risk spreading classified information. Furthermore, the decision-makers are often older, which places demands on the choice of language.

Ad text:

Our cleaners go through thorough background and security checks - for us it is just as important that information does not fall into the wrong hands as it is to clean really well. You are always in safe hands with us!

Thorough background checks are often costly and time-consuming, indicating a higher price than a regular cleaning company that might run a record check but no more. Furthermore, it is probably not interesting for a cafe, a gym, or a preschool; they just don't handle that kind of data to any great extent. Instead, as a company, you should focus on being thorough and that the price is lower, and preferably mention commonly occurring cleaning objects so that the intended customer can identify with the offer.

Ad text:

Food scraps and trash? No problem! We clean all premises, large and small - always at a low price!

Further customization

Humor – It is almost always better to write humorous texts; the exception is if you sell a product where it is important to be perceived as a serious player (people looking for undertakers rarely want to be joked with, etc.). Puns are an easy and great way to include humor. Dark or sexual humor goes well with some audiences, but it is important to be sure that it will be well received and not damage the brand with its target audience.

Ad text:

“Great price on Easter food!”

Risk level - You can choose different risk levels. It's one thing to joke that the target audience has too much to do and needs relief, quite another to joke about sex. Everything has its place and time, and it's important to do it right.

Ad text:

“Are you craving lamb too?”

Memes – images, usually made with a template. Among younger people, memes are an important form of expression and communication, and can be shared thousands, if not millions, of times. Generally, the content is humorous, but there are also memes that highlight some kind of social issue. The copyright of the original images is considered (by those who share) not relevant. Important to remember is that poorly done or forced memes tend to hurt sales and branding more than not trying at all.

Slang – if the target group speaks in a specific way, with specific slang words, you can increase impact and accuracy by including this. As with memes, it is important that it is used correctly and in a casual way.

General tips

Rather write shorter and more concise than longer and with a lot of platitudes/air. If you can't convince your target customer with 125 characters, would you do better with 300? In rare exceptional cases, it is better to have more text than less, for example if there are high technical demands on the product/service.

Do not write: "Right now you can buy shower mixers for SEK 100/piece. The shower mixers are suitable for both bathtubs and showers and are available in both matt and glossy versions. All faucets are rustproofed.”

Write: "Right now: stainless mixers for shower and bath, SEK 100/pc - available in both matt and glossy!

Most of the time, it's worth including a Call To Action (CTA), to push people to make a purchase. It is advantageously combined with some form of time pressure, and special offer.

Ad text:

“Buy 200 melons today, get 400 free!”