Pinterest Advertising

What is Pinterest?

Pinterest is a platform for image sharing (pins), but unlike Facebook and Instagram is the focus precisely on the images rather than on people and interactions. Content is king, as they say. High-resolution, well-taken images with good motifs go home on the platform.

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Why should we as entrepreneurs
enter us on Pinterest?

Shopping spree

Pinterest is widely used by potential customers; a very large percentage of users are looking to find new things to buy, new things that interest them. The effect is that it is easy to

convert profile and pin visitors into paying customers, which is more difficult than with other social media where people are primarily looking for the social interactions (social interactions are much more

limited and rarer on Pinterest than on Instagram and Facebook).

"Have you tried?" function

Pinterest allows users to indicate whether they have tried a product/service and rate the service, which means that potential customers who visit your business profile will immediately know that your goods are worth buying.

How does iMarketing help us with Pinterest?

If you don't have an account, we'll help you create one, and we'll also help you integrate the Pinterest tag into your website. We then help you select images, create a long-term profile strategy, and suggest descriptions and keywords for your pins.

Our smart guide helps you with which image sizes and image dimensions to use, and how to think about uploads.

When the profile is ready, iMarketing starts the advertising. We handle image selection, selection of target groups, choose keywords and interests, create advertising campaigns, and follow up on the results. All so that you get the best results with as little of your own time as possible.

common questions and answers

What does best on Pinterest?

Furnishings, clothes, flowers, make-up, and similar, photogenic, products.

Is it difficult to get started?

Setting up a profile and starting to upload photos takes no time at all. You don't have to have descriptions if you don't want to, you can clone your content from Instagram if you want, and you can upload images regardless of size, if you want. It is of course better to do it right from the start, but it is not a requirement!

What's the best thing about Pinterest?

The best thing about Pinterest is that it is a relatively new platform to advertise on, while its algorithms are incredibly advanced. The prices for advertising on Pinterest are still very low as Pinterest wants to attract more advertisers. This means that the platform is currently very undervalued compared to other, more established channels (such as Facebook), which charge higher costs to convert viewers to customers.

What's most important about Pinterest?

The most important thing when advertising on Pinterest, besides attractive images, is clearly the keywords you use. Read more about it here.

How do you help your customers with Pinterest?

Depending on where the customer is today, we make sure that the entire profile is set up correctly with tracking tools installed on the website. Then we do a thorough analysis of the keywords used in the industry and select the words that we believe will generate the best results based on budget and competition. The content is then continuously optimized based on results.