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E-sports is taking more and more place in our lives and has become the fastest growing competition phenomenon in modern times. In the past, E-sports was seen as something small and not particularly significant, but today it has developed into a billion dollar industry that is constantly growing and making strong progress. It is estimated that in Sweden alone, half a million people are active in the consumption of E-sports on a daily basis.

As a major player in the market, FALKN has an impact on how e-sports will develop in society. They develop and work with strategic goals, which lead to concrete projects with real results. FALKN's goal is to be able to help individuals develop in society, regarding talent, and
social characteristics.

With this collaboration, iMarketing has become another sponsor Swedish E-sport, something we believe in incredibly strongly and are very proud of! We believe that e-sports have only begun to find their place in our everyday lives and will in the future be a natural part of our lives.