Meeting booking

Meeting booking

Automate the entire process

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Identify target audience

Regardless of whether you are looking for new customers, collaborations, or employees, we produce a certain number of contacts based on your criteria that we reach out to via automated Email and LinkedIn sequences.

Checklist for appointment booking with iMarketing
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System configuration

We take care of everything when it comes to system configurations and integrations to existing systems. We write texts based on what we know gives a good response and you approve before we start. The rest happens automatically.


We A/B and split-test various offers, headlines, texts, and other content on an ongoing basis to increase both the response rate and the quality of the meetings that come in.

The goal is to achieve a response rate of 20-25% and at least 5 meetings per month per user. This results in a cost of SEK 940 per booked meeting compared to competitors who charge an average of SEK 2,500.

Results for appointment booking

Ready to automate your appointment booking?

We make it easy to bring in more customers

Very serious and clear in their communication. In 3 months, we have received 13 meetings of good quality, which have already generated several new customers. Thanks!

iMarketing has a personal and committed attitude towards us as a customer. They are responsive to our wishes and needs in everything to do with marketing, advertising and website.
Katja Lillhage
Katja Lillhage
iMarketing made my website and I felt from the first conversation that they understood my idea. I was very satisfied with the website and felt that I received good and fast service during the entire construction of the website. Can highly recommend iMarketing!
Alexander Stävensjö
Alexander Stävensjö
Fast, creative and talented developers who helped us develop a new website. Highly recommend!
Dorothea Paul
Dorothea Paul
We are very satisfied with our new website and the collaboration with Marketing AB. Especially with John Hagö listening to and implementing our wishes so perfectly. Highly recommended. Dorothea & Stig /
Pia Ivarsson
Pia Ivarsson
Hi Recommend IMG media with ❤️Had problems with my website before which is now safe. Thanks for the help. I can be seen much better now, than before, on regular ad pages. The best part was their attention to my desire with my website. Many thanks Pia/Gunilla hairdressers
Alexander Rasch
Alexander Rasch
Thanks for all the help with our landing pages ❤ really increased our sales
Ludvig Listring
Ludvig Listring
Super! Very satisfied.

Why does it work so well?

The biggest success factors are having a good basic source of the leads you want to reach while having campaigns that arouse interest without annoying the user. By combining email and LinkedIn, we build up the feeling that you are available everywhere and that you have done your research.

Other factors that affect the results are the offer you reach out with, headlines in your emails, the length of the email and how personal the email is perceived to be. Even if you understand that it is an automatic mailing, the probability that you will receive a response is incredibly much higher if you include the person's name, the company name, and more parameters such as industry, company size, etc.

common questions and answers

How many meetings can we get in per month?

To minimize the risk of your emails ending up in the junk mail of your recipients, we send out a maximum of 500 emails per month per user. With 1 user, you can therefore count on booking 5 meetings per month according to the calculation we show in the picture above.

What exactly are we paying for?

  • Buy a new domain and email for your user (This is so as not to risk your current domain being negatively affected by a sharp increase in email sending)
  • We warm up the email and set up a new account in the system
  • We integrate the system into your LinkedIn and existing email program
  • We generate 500 quality leads per user per month
  • We write all texts
  • We continuously test and optimize the sequences to achieve the highest possible results

What do I need to do?

As a user, you only need to be available when we set up the system and then take the meetings that we book and afterwards manage the dialogue with the potential customer.

What do you write in the email?

We help you produce texts based on what we have seen works best in your industry and for the type of people you want to contact. Of course, you have to go through and approve everything before we launch anything.